Why Board With Us?

…comes from being separated from the normal home environment.

These two photos show typical boarding facilities found in modern veterinary clinics:

Vet Clinic Boarding - dogVet Clinic Boarding - cat

These state-of-the-art concrete and steel kennels are notably clean and well tended, but when one pet feels uneasy here, it tends to be contagious.

At Special Needs Pet Boarding, our goal is to keep the stress of boarding to a minimum. Click HERE to see the lengths we go to in striving to achieve this goal.

Special Needs Pet Boarding is unique in that the owner is a licensed veterinarian who lives on the premises and personally sees to the care of boarders. Go to the Biography page to meet this qualified caregiver. 

So whether your pet requires medical attention while being boarded, or just a home away from home…

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…your pet will be in the right place.