Minimizing Stress

The main cottage kennel is furnished to resemble a home environment. (Please see the Accommodations page.) And for owners who prefer that their pet not be allowed on or near furniture, the separate kennel deluxe is provided without furniture or carpeting.

At no time will other pets be boarded adjacent to either kennel and both kennels are separated by a distance of over 100 feet.


The following stress-relieving amenities are offered at the request of the owner and at no extra cost:

The use of dog and/or cat appeasing pheromone.

Soothing music via “biaoacoustically designed” piano arrangements fromĀ Through A Dog’s Ear – Music Therapy for Pet Anxiety.

Access to an open crate for pets accustomed to the security of curling up in a crate.

Daily yard exercise tailored to your pet’s individual needs.


If additional exercise is desired, leash walks and beach visits are offered for an additional charge. (Please see our Services & Rates page for more information.)

For stress relief of the owner, daily e-mails and/or texts are offered at no cost at owner’s request.