Services & Rates


  3   LEVELS    OF    CARE    to   choose   from:


All levels require owner to provide all food, supplements and/or medications.



  • The base level. It can be booked for any pet who does not exhibit signs of Separation Anxiety and/or a tendency to damage property.

  • Services at this level include up to three feedings per day.

  • Administration of oral medications if indicated.

  • Three times daily monitored outdoor time in fenced yard.

$80 per day for a single animal and $20 per day for each additional animal housed in the same enclosure.



In addition to everything Level C has to offer, this level includes the caregiver staying with your pet(s) overnight.

$95 per day for a single animal and $25 per day for each additional animal housed in the same enclosure.



This level offers 24 hour presence of the caregiver.

While any pet may be boarded at this level, please note that pets who have exhibited Separation Anxiety and/or a tendency to damage property are required to board at this level.

$125 per day for a single animal and $50 per day for one additional animal.


Additional Services Offered:

Medical Care:  Prices vary dependent on type and complexity of administration. Please contact for a quote.

Leash Walks:  An add-on service if you feel your dog requires more than the yard outings included in basic boarding. Leash walks are tailored to your dogs needs and temperament and as such the price may vary, however a standard 30-minute walk of a moderately well-mannered dog is $15.

Behavioral Work:  Prices vary dependent on individual pet’s needs. Please contact for a quote.

E-mail or Text Updates:  Free upon request, updates on a pet’s well being can be sent to vacationing owners.



100% of Payment for Services is due when boarding commences in addition to a $100 Damage Deposit. If no damage is incurred from the pet, the damage deposit will be fully refunded when you return. For services added on after boarding commences, payment will be due upon your return.


Please Take Note of our No Refund Policy described here:

Special Needs Pet Boarding operates on a small scale and the intention is for it to remain this way in order too facilitate the lowering of stress in boarders. For this reason, it is necessary to maintain a No Refund Policy.

Once payment is made for the set boarding period on the day that boarding commences, no refunds will be made (excluding the damage deposit). So, for example, if a vacation is cut short, thereby shortening the original boarding period, no refund will be issued. Please understand that in this small an operation, business is turned away when boarding dates are booked and cannot be replaced or compensated for.

This No Refund Policy includes situations where a boarding period is terminated for reasons other than the example situation stated above.