Client Testimonials

“Mary isn’t kidding when she talks about taking the stress out of boarding my baby. It’s almost embarrassing how happy Kilroy is to be dropped off for his vacations on Whidbey.”

Karen DeGrasse – Seattle, WA


“This is the only place where it is really all about my pets and my pets alone.  They don’t compete with any other animals for the attention of the caretaker.  The cottage is furnished with animals in mind and it feels just like home.  Lucy and Phred had the run of the place and loved every minute of it.  And I received emails everyday updating me on their adventures.  Mary is a veterinarian with a real and true heart for animals.  It gave me incredible peace of mind knowing that my babies had her exclusive attention for their entire stay.  She took care of Phred’s daily shots and Lucy’s daily walks.  I know that they are both going to enjoy their next visit when I travel to Hawaii this fall.”

Lori Pyle – Woodinville, WA


“I can’t thank Dr. Mary enough. She took the best care of my elderly cat, Levi who needs meds twice a day.  I admit he is a very spoiled kitty who sleeps with me every night and has treats in every room of the house.  He is over weight because of that and Dr. Mary was able to get him on a better diet and helped me learn more about keeping him at an ideal and more healthy weight.  He started at 20 lbs and is now down to a healthy 14 lbs.  I never have to worry about Levi anymore when I have to leave town, (Dr. Mary even picked him up and delivered him back to me which made planning my business trip that much easier.)”

Stephanie F. – Snohomish, WA



“I am highly recommending Mary Maier loudly and enthusiastically to anyone reading this. Her medical knowledge and personable delivery of it, makes me jealous of my dog’s care, I wish I could find a human doctor as practical, and caring. I also wish I could find a daycare for my kid that’s half as good as Mary’s kennel is for my dog.”

-Peter Volbenz – Greenbank, WA



“I live in Seattle with Jasper, my 17 year-old tabby cat diagnosed 2 months ago with kidney failure. He seems healthy and happy as long as I give him medication and put fluids under his skin every couple of days. I’m so happy to be able to provide Jasper with the medicine he needs, but I honestly thought I wouldn’t be able to go on a vacation I had planned.

Jasper tends to go on a hunger strike when I’ve boarded him at my regular clinic. But a friend told me about Dr. Maier’s place up on Whidbey. She was even willing to spend the night in the cottage with Jasper to help him settle in! He didn’t miss a single meal while I was gone and took his medicine like a champ.

I thought Whidbey would be too far, but the drive was easy and well worth it for Jasper. He deserves such excellent care.”

-Lindsay Reardon –  Seattle, WA